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Carla Gerbo

Co-Founder, The Loneliness Project Australia

I graduated many years ago with a Bachelor of Business Administration majoring in Economics, and it gave me the skills and confidence to enjoy careers in economics, emerging technologies, communication, engagement and community. The ride saw me working in the private sector, tertiary and even starting my own business in the spare bedroom. It has been an amazing challenging adventure of meeting exciting, smart, leaders -- with the perk of travel.
But curve-balls have also been part of my career. Working from home has its challenges -- the walls cave in, the fridge became my best friend and keeping and finding clients is hard. But the biggest curve-ball was becoming a carer to sick, elderly parents. Your life changes unimaginably, but you dig deep and you find the skills and new energy. That new energy resulted in co-founding The Loneliness Project. A realization that in every street, suburb and communities there are lonely people.

Episode 8: A Lonely Planet

Episode 8: A Lonely Planet

March 31, 2021

In 2018, the UK was the first country to appoint a Minister of Loneliness, making the issue a parliamentary priority. Japan followed suit in February, while Sweden and Australia are actively campaigning to appoint a dedicate…