I’ve known Jeremy a long time but have been out of touch for over a decade. I was widowed four years ago and know something about loneliness. But I have rebuilt my life and am far less lonely now. I was riveted to the episode. So true, so kind. So thoughtful. He spoke the lonely soul.

Important topic, well done!

What a lovely exploration of the very human experience of loneliness and the effects it has on us all. The stories are so relatable, as are the hosts, who extend a warm hand of connection.


Wonderful. Ironic isn’t it that loneliness is such a common human emotion sometimes felt by all of us despite our living on a planet with billions of other people—or perhaps because of it. Kudos to the creators of these podcasts for exploring this topic with wit, warmth and intelligence.

Timely, Thoughtful & Compelling

Loneliness is that person whose gaze we avoid though we know we’re standing in the same shoes. The amorphous nature of loneliness is thoughtfully reduced to bite-sized pieces, giving you a comfortable place to start learning to feel better. The presentation is friendly and the experts are compelling - made easy to understand by the interviewer’s pleasant pressing. ...And there are accents! Lovely accents always make me feel like a smarter person.

Is Anybody Out There...?

The answer is yes. You aren’t alone. And if you are bearing the burden of loneliness, you may find comfort in the stories this podcast shares. If you are among the lucky ones who aren’t, there’s still a wealth of human stories that can help you connect, empathize, and appreciate the struggle so many are wrestling with. Either way, giving this a listen, might make you feel a little better—like sitting down for a chat with a few good friends who never fail to make the time spent with them more than worthwhile.

A podcast perfect for the times.

Beautifully produced with compelling content. The hosts guidance wash over you like a warm ocean surf. The subject matter and content of loneliness couldn’t be more relevant to our current Covid world and beyond.

Saving the world, one lonely soul at a time!

Such a heartwarming mission, to end the world of loneliness. Really top notch podcast here, can’t wait to hear more!

A timely subject

Informative and entertaining I look forward to future episodes!


It’s time for a good yarn! We miss having conversations with others in life on a daily basis for work, things, and noise on our phone. The hope in humanity lies in human connection. Thank you for putting out this content. Ben Killoy Host of the Military Veteran Dad podcast


Sounds very interesting. Will solutions to loneliness be difficult? Looking forward to having feelings of loneliness reduced. Bet I’m not alone.